you’ll find it there in the breaking dawn

… and in the tears of the repentant heart

you’ll also find it there in the darkness

… and in the flowers in their riot of colors

it’s there in the passion of dance

… and in the grief of one too tired to lie anymore

it’s also there in shattered glass windows

… and in the song of crickets in the cooling night air

it’s there in the works of the masters

… and in the desperate grasp of those who just can’t stand on their own

it’s also there in the deafening roar of torrential rain

… and in the innocence of a child’s eyes

it’s there in the cacophony of a hundred songbirds greeting the day

… and in the muffling silence of disbelief 

it’s there in the taste of a lover’s kiss

… and in the ashen taste of defeat

beauty is not found in smiles alone

but also in pain and in tears

without the embrace of sorrow

hope doesn’t have a chance rise again

fear is a part of bravery

they can’t exist apart

can love truly be appreciated

by a heart that’s never been broken?

in defeat is the chance of a comeback

in brokenness the opportunity to rebuild

in every end there’s a chance to begin again

in every wound there’s the opportunity to heal

grace is for the wounded.

beauty is in the broken.